Thursday, January 27, 2011

IMPORTANT YOU -- find yourself

So if you are one of my important CHKL people
*especially the geemui -- no need to be mentioned actually*
You may find your tiny face inside there
Or maybe a large one?

I did it real simple, cause i don't know how to be sophisticated= =
All bright colours matches all of your bright faces!!!!
(American Crafts--Spring Collection, Echo Park--life is good, Little Yellow Bicycle--clothesline stickers)
The whole album is made out of paper bags, doggie bags...
Just only a few ones to show you now cause
i'm still in the search of paint and very fast will gao dim de lah

it's my.....

tsk tsk...

i took this shot before writing "my farewell"...gomenasai


Don't complain if you don't see yourself appear
Cause i got dunno 15 something more pages to show


And if you are one of the person i gave nicknames to in TARC
You should check out this next....

1 comment:

  1. strong man!!! so damn nice!!
    i hope that i can make one
    wat i thought is sure be very costly ><