Saturday, October 22, 2011

My 1st Studio Calico haul

= this is a long post, full of photos, time consuming =

I'm just too happy and I couldn't contain myself, so I ended up at my blog for this post. shoot me please.
I should not be here right now as my bloody finals is in a week's time
okay, just for once... I really need to share this.

I made my first purchase from Studio Calico quite some time ago and the box has finally arrived! GOOD! ---->
The great thing about purchasing from the Studio Calico shop is that it's a flat rate shipping of $17.50 to anywhere outside of US! So if you add and add and add and add and add and add (dizzy words~)products to your cart, it's still $17.50 for shipping, but you are limited to get max 3 main kits in a box.
I was super excited but something horrible happened

the orange Zing embossing powder bottle cracked and BOOM! the powder flown everywhere inside and OUTSIDE of the box, even thru the plastic sheets of my other products.
What a terrific orange party
I spent more than half an hour cleaning up everything, and boy it was difficult for me as the powder is so fine
I got rid of the box and place them to the other SC box for some photo shooting, woots~
Best haul ever (at this moment) as I got SUPER CHEAP STUFFS from the Last Call section in the shop last month. But still dissapointed that I didnt get the grab bags and other add on kits :(

The broken bottle incident has given me a powder phobia now and it's bad news cause I got 8 bottles in my box. I scooped the leftover orang Zing into my container
I got the ZAP! heat tool and Zig embossing pen, and I dont really know how to use them
The products that I love the most are theseI couldn't wait so I tried spraying on small square cardstocks and make color charts (with Glimmer Mists too) :)COLOUR CHART
Stickers are my friends (this seems scary) since I was.. i dunno when [Left to right] Chipboard alpha tan ($3.50, no sale), 2 Blue Chipboard alpha ($0.50 <---WHAT?!!!!, on sale), Grenn Yellow Pink addy alpha ($1.25 no way, on sale), 3 Die cut stickers ( cant recall, on sale). I've gotten everything I wanted!
Be prepared for this deal. FISKARS everywhere punch RM85 (retail price in Malaysia), but I got for RM18, please don't be sad. Sew easy $1.25?? (on sale)
Tags ( no sale) and Journaling cards ($0.15, so cheap, on sale)
A display of all add ons I get from the sale, not the sale and a contest prize. I didn't realise I have so many.
The old Studio Calico pp add on in one of the off season kits. 4 papers,2 of each design, only $0.70 i think? (on sale)
This is from the Mind the Gap kit. (on sale)
Cardstocks please (no sale).

Fieldguide add on pp (no sale)
GLEE CLUB kit! (prize) spot the to-die-for WOODGRAIN thickers?
Some Countryside pp, all stained by my Zing powder :( FRONT:love the cow, bamboos and yellow triangles
Some ads, great to use on mini albums as they are acid free too,good!
That's all

NOT TO WORRY because Studio Calico has great customer service, all damaged products will be either refunded or replaced, mine is settled :D

Something to share, i got what they call Twills (cotton tape) in manyyyyyyyyyyyy colors from a local store long time ago, love the colors

Did you get something from Studio Calico too? please share :D LOVE HAUL POSTS~

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  1. just wanted to take a minute to say you've got some great photography skills. I hope you are pursuing that!