Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yippee! I've got happy mails today and oh dang I'm so fortunate this week!
I received a pack of JUMBO YUMMO goodies from Jamie Leija.... Thanks Jamie! and I love your lil' card!!!

And Genevieve for your stamp... this is my 1st WRMK stamp anyway hahaa :)

and you are gonna kill me for this.... I just can't believe I've just won these from UCREATE blog!!!! yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all i need is a US address for them to send to... phew~ thanks UCREATE... you make my jaw dropped to the floor.


my DT term for Pretty Little Studio has officially started.. yeah! It's a wonderful company producing pretty products... all thanks to Melissa for designing and printing all of the products.. she is really great! She made one of my favourite orange flower to a paper in the new collection!!!!!!!! You will love the new collections coming in your way!!!

I don't have to mention how awesome these collections are, do I? :)

I was surprised to see my mini Birthday Planner (using all AMY TANGERINE products) on Amy's blog too! wow... thanks for posting my project Amy :))))


I met a crazy and mad and also sweet lady in SBM (Scrapbook Market group on Facebook) recently, she is my secret SB agent, hahaha... She's WaiSam... SamJie that's what I call her.. And she gave me an idea yesterday when I was what's apping late night.... Btw.. I love WaiSam's project :D

Do you haveAll the pretty papers with never ending images for fussy cutting? You are in love with them but you just can't finish using them although they've appeared on many of your projects.....are you seriously going to use all of the cows on the paper? LOL and you don't know what to do cause they are piling up higher and higher in stacks!!!!!!!

What I do is SWAP them with a friend! *wink*

Gather all your fussy cuttables that you are fed up with and keep them aside.

cut the fussy cuttables that you want to giveaway and staple them on an A4 copy for easy storage and viewing! Slot it into a protective sheet and swap it with your friends!
You can have more variety of fussy cuttings now and not getting bored with the yellow cows anymore :)

And also...
If you have limited space for yourself to scrap, try stacking all your papers and flat embellishments like stickers and rubons beneath your project that you are working with. You'll find it will be a lot easier to go through your papers and they don't scatter everywhere around your place. At least this works for me :))))

Hope these help!!!!!

Thanks for coming over!


  1. WOW is all I can say about this! Awesome goodies! Congrats on the new DT!

  2. Go Cheryl go! You are on a roll :)

  3. Wow, what a great week! Congrats on all of your features, the magazines, the happy mail and of course the DT! Their stuff is adorable.

  4. You're definitely on a roll - congrats! :D

  5. i m so gonna kill u Cheryl! Thanks for your enccouragement & support in being my part-in-crime, asking me to do a layout two nights before my insurance exam (do you know how costly is the Exam fee?.. quoted in SGD summore). and best part of all, I've "wasted" nearly two hours (in the wee hours) reading your blog. and gosh! I m gonna sit for an exam in 16 hours! what am I doing here?

    anyway, although this is cliche but I still have to say it out loud! you are one gifted babe and i am seriously in love with all your projects. and please tell me, how do u win so many giveaways?? hahaha

    Can't wait to see u this weekend to get my swap bag =)

  6. What a lot of prizes - you must have a lot of luck!
    I wanted to pop by your blog to thank you for your taking the time to leave your kind comments on my blog during the recent Practical Scrappers blog hop - I really appreciate it! And I'm glad I popped by because there's lots of great ideas here!