Thursday, April 12, 2012

GIVEAWAYS and a project woohoo~ :D

Had a really simple and yummy tutorial for Pretty Little Studios last week!! Not only the goodies are yummy, something yummy is packed inside too! A great treat for someone special today!

Prepare kraft papers or pattern papers would be fine, and cut with the measurements below.

Fold both 3'' sides together until they meet, then fold the top and staple.

Fill in colorful yummy candies such as jelly beans into your small packet.

Carefully fold the other side for closure, but in the opposite direction to form a traingular packet, then staple to secure.

Gather your yummy Pretty Little Studio goodies and start embellishing those cute packets for your lovely ones.

Pretty Little Studios is having their new collection stickers for giveaways too! have you heard f SAND CASTLE???!!! gosh, the pastels and those embellishment are just overwhelming! This will be a great opportunity for you to get the stickers for free before they even start selling them :) NICE!
Head over to --> and leave a comment, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

If you would like a small giveaway from me... for this JOY image that I hand carved and stamped to you... come on over to and just leave a comment.. :) I find that the little speechbubbles are great for finishing touches and somehow cute, hahahahah... oh, great for Project Life too, although I don't have a PL :) they are small enough to fit the pockets.

I used the HELLO ones for a layout too :)

Thanks all! oo... I'm gonna have a new camera soon, no more blah photos anymore :)))))