Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yeay... a new layout *evil laugh*

Woookay, there are so much that I want to post everything in one go but I can't, I just hate uploading photos, it's super time consuming :(

I've got a big fat bag full of 14 acrylic stamps by SC, AE, LF, SwissGirl Designs and Paper Smooches... hahaha.. that makes me laugh. All and yes every single SMASH pads, papers lalala~
Two wonderful SMASH books that I'm owning now, *hahahaha* one for my upcoming trip *i cant wait, heart beats faster* and another one for my daily junk.. great thing is I've started some pages!!!!!!!! Would definitely like to share some pages that I think is awesome and the process of how I prepare for a trip. Guess that would be cool!!!!

But first, *heart beats super fast*
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
and so I really really really wanna try snapping on projects.. that would be the most exciting part :D

I dug out the new Sketchbook line and some stuffs that has been waiting for me quite a long time to make a layout. Can confirm I am a mix-and-match-throw-in-the-scraps type of person now :)

Did no photoshop or editing here, reason is simple, I am lazy :|

This tells I study everyday from morning till midnight preparing for my finals, lasted for 21 days, gulp, i didnt even realised that! I'M a robot

Instagram! stamp from Studio Calico PL-Good stuff, that stamp set is really one good stuff, hope u grabbed it

This looks like blood, but anyhow it still looks okay to me :)

Thanks for browsing, I really really really really really enjoy shooting photos now :DDDD


  1. Great layout design! Congrats on the new camera!

  2. Great mixing! And have fun with the new camera :) looks good already

  3. happy news for you here http://angsandy.blogspot.sg/2012/07/celebrating-july.html