Monday, November 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

finally did my own mini album
it's half-finished
3 hours of class is not enough
the class is a 3 hour workshop but i stayed in the shop for 4 hours plus

i felt like a babai queen in there
the staff goes here and there gathering and picking stuffs for me
using the blower to dry the ink for me
clean up for me
and it felt good:D lol

I don't really want to show the whole thing though
coz it's not finished yet :o

i need CRICUT PAPER TRIMMER to continue!!!!!!

this is where i've been today
i just sat down a corner to take some photos
coz i dunno whether the staff allowed me to snap

one day i'll break into this shop and grab all of these things

messy me with my things and i non stopped trimming paper and distressing them
---sibeh tired

there were 3 Japanese ladies yapping Japanese which i couldn't understand
they are friendly
one of them gave me sweets
i couldn't remember their names, i think one is Azuki something, then another starts with a K, then... i just dunno

i thought of asking them for their blog or facebook or something
but they left early and i was ... i dunno what i was doing
busy with something


  1. WAHHHHH! SO COOL! where is this shoppp?!!!!
    eh. my bday comin leh, make one for me... XD

  2. At bangsar shopping centre
    Next time u come back we attend a class tgether la