Friday, December 10, 2010

Keep away the money from me!!!!!!!


Recently benar benar busy
and short of materials
so i cannot continue to do anything with my mini album
which is half done ... ... haiz
all i did is this small page with buttons, ribbon and thickers jek

and i tried making a fabric paper flower again
but it came out ????
i did the right but it should look like the left

the ribbons are escaping from my box


If you really want to buy card making and scrapbooking mags
don't buy the latest released one lahh
go book-xcess in Ampcorp Mall and sapu the old mags
(some got new mags)
why sapu? coz cheap
cheap cheap cheap

Creating Keepsakes --- RM3 (Original RM29.90)
Scrapbook Trends and Cards[2 in a pack] --- RM5 per pack (Original RM69-RM80 for one only)
You dun wana sapu also help me sapu la har...
The mags are wayyyyyy better than books, coz they look more tasty


Oh no.. i spent again!!
Darn the spending
Darn the japanese washi tapes

Darn the offer in Kinokuniya for the japanese book
Darn the nice origami paper
Darn the vintage key stickers

Darn i have money in my purse


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