Sunday, June 19, 2011

More than words

There's too much to mention in this blog (and it's getting late...again!)

Ooo, talking about my TARC album <9 of Us>
I have finished hammering the eyelets to the holes, complete with a super stunning ribbon.
I am going to repost the whole album in my facebook, AGAIN!!!!

As a beginner for a scrapbooker and mini-album maker(alterator...whatever you call it..... terms= =)
I think I have done quite a good job :D (pat on the back)

I have met so many supportive and truly GIFTED crafters in a class,
I am so amazed by these people of their creativity and artwork
My dear guru Syam
She is such a dear *with pretty eyes and smile*, caring and have so much passion towards art, be inspired by her art and her quote of the day posted on facebook,haha

Met a classmate PiChuey who makes so many cute (really cute! OH MY) AMIGURUMIS...
don't know what's an amigurumi?
Check out her blog! >
and of course YinZ who post comments in facebook tht literally makes me laugh on the floor, her felties are super cute

I can't believe I've got a total of 50 LIKES from friends and non-friends on my new page in facebook Basic Craft

No words can describe how touched and thankful I am to all of you who has supported me
Your comments really made my day
PLEASE give me any advise or critics as I am learning how to work this thing up
I have a great passion in branding and making nice handmade stuffs

A friend of mine SHAO WEN ordered a Van Houten book from me!!
I'm like O_O ( <--- speechless and surprised)
I hope she love the book as much as I love it too :)
it's funny tht there's a special feeling towards every piece of artwork i made, i think that's what handmade stuffs makes a difference

and last but not least
come support me in facebook Basic Craft,
that there's going to be so much surprises coming on the way!

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