Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've got these two alpha pins from Scrapoholics, for winning a punch challenge tht i know, but I don't know how did I won the second one ??

Swapped postcards with people from Malaysia, Singapore and CA. It's my first swap so kinda worried about my work. Went to LayHoon's mescrap.blogspot.com for the swap, you'll see her making lots of visual journal, phew.. how she does that?
I received these below, I wanted to post my own swap project, damn the camera memory card, my photos are gone just right after sending all of my masking swap off.

For those who wants to get craft stuffs and findings, one of the best place to go is

Promising myself to control and not to spend to much before entering the bazaar, and I think I did it!
All i bought was this box of super duper cool Vintage stamps tht costs only RM52.50 for 21 stamps in a box... phew.. fortunately I sapu the last 2... got my brown and cream PU... and some bronze chains...
I saw so many fabricsssssssssss... laces..... ribbons..... buttons...... trinkets.... GULP! stay back
one of it that attracts my attention was this:
the TRAVEL MAP panel, i thought of having this for my wall... but is quite costly la... rm42 wei

I saw some familiar faces too, Cikgu Syam,YinZ and PiChuey :)
Thanks cikgu for bringing my stuffs, and for the cotton tape from YinZ.
Oh my, see those delicate flowers and the haha-makes-me-laugh sotong... aduh...so cute.. PiChuey put them in a bag and gave to me!!! O_O THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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