Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates for this week.

Yeah yeah yeah...
I have just received my freebie from Scrappin Studio :)
Thanks Jaime once again :D
I super love travel themed stamps~

I had made this bound book for myself, and it's superbly vintage... love the style!
Meet my diary -- PRIMARY QUARTERLY :)

I printed the cover myself, inked myself, distressed myself, bind myself, picked the colour myself and chose the vintage pictures myself :) it's so cool!
It's all handmade!
And guess what? The cover is from a 100% recycled paperbag... it's much more cooler!hah

This is a super hit. Many people loved my diary... I think it's because it's vintage
I'm gonna try making another one available for sale next time

Washi tapes are so trendy nowadays, they appear everywhere!
These are the MT family of my collection :)

The MT tapes seem lonely, there are 15 in total. But I guess they need a new company, a new friend
OR more friends.
So I invited Mark's tapes in to join them.

And so I invited 25 Mark's tapes to join the family, they came from a scrapbook store called Papermarket in Singapore.
There was a great sale last month, a buy one free one MASKING TAPE SALE.
So, I asked my cousin to get some for me, and she chose them, but I didn't know it was such a huge family.
Say CHEESE tapies!!!
{family photo}

Making a record before the tapes are gone for good.

I received Wendy Erman's wonderful postcard last month.
It is phenomenal! Super love her creation! *and it's vintage!*
It's the masking tape swap actually.

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  1. What an awesome project you did and what an awesome blog as well and Cheryl your scrapbook projects are just awesome, I am blown away seeing all your creations be it cards, albums, layouts and altered art. Good job and keep on crafting and happy crafting.