Friday, January 20, 2012

back to blog :)

I'm finally sticking back to my blog and start some uploading and blogging (oh no, i have tons of projects, this and that and those havent shared!!!! what you called that?? er... A PROCRASTINATOR!!! that's me :O). There has been lots, well quite some actually has happened.

The first thing is,
I've been chosen to be part of the design team IN ScrappingVille -- an LSS in Kuala Lumpur. I was !!!!!!!!!!!EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! and wanted to scream (well, i better not) so loud when I received a note from Sharon, thank you so much for choosing me and having an interest in my projects. Thanks to all who congratulate me :) Quite stressful and nervous now, cause I know there will be some expectations out there, you know there are lotsssssssss of talents out there and guess I've gotta keep up with them *hooo hooo*(breathing hard)....

The other thing is, I am SO, SO, SO hooked into this group in facebookit's a place for Singapore scrappers to DESTASH SCRAPBOOK PRODCUTS OR SHARE INFO AND STUFFS.. the purpose was mainly for scrappers to destash, but then, everyone end up buying more MORE and MORE! because of the good deals. Paper, punches, stickers, tools whatever you name it. Well you may be asking how hot is this group then? people start checking this group early in the morning until 2am the next day. or if you are a StudioCalico kit subber, the craze is like subbers start buying add ons when the new kit is revealed. But the reveal last a few hours, SBM last you forever. Once a good new stuff is being uploaded for sale , it will be reserved within less than a second, so if you are late, it's too bad :) and everyone takes this place as a chat room too.

SBM (scrapbook market) brought me into another swap, an ATC swap.. okie dokie.. this is my 1st time doing this kinda ATC thing.... and I have a sneak peek for those who are participating....

(2)colours used can be found in my blog


  1. Congrats on your DT stint!! You gonna do so well. Can't wait to see your creations :)

  2. Wow Cheryl. That is great news about the DT. I wish I had not read about that scrapbook group... I will not look. It would be way too dangerous for me.

  3. congrats , that is awesome news :)

  4. Congrats on PLS ;) Looking forward to working with you!

  5. Congrats! How awesome does it feel?!? Can't wait to see your creations! Oh yea and congrats on Pretty Little Studio!

  6. congratulations Cheryl! well deserved :))