Tuesday, January 24, 2012

one more news and LO number... errr.....

fourth one among the 'Design Team' names....
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so I screamed cause I couldn't contain myself. Can't wait to dig lots of pretty stuffs from this company, and make something awesome *blink blink*
Do go to their WEBSITE to have a look on some cute and pretty vintage stuffs, and BLOG to be inspired or even the SHOP if you can't help it :)

Okay, so I counted there's how many LOs haven't shared here... five, and more hauls + misc to share. This LO was made when I attended a 'Getting Started--LO' class quite sometime ago... maybe last year, yes it was last year. And eventually I attended the wrong class, but nevermind I had a good time with Erin :)

1st time using Coordination cardstock ----- it's one good stuff! with 7Gypsies and BasicGrey Hopscotch paper.
I think why I love ripping paper is because there is no need to pull out the trimmer, my bums are super lazy I tell you (my projects reflect it very well)
boring sides of 12x12 paper? RIP. need some strips of paper? RIP. liking the worn out look? RIP. Cheryl the ripper, luckily's not THE STRIPPER (lol)
**found out this cardstock is no good for ink splatters**
the Thickers provided for this class were.......erm... incomplete... but it was a good way for me practicing mix-matching and cut different alphas to the alpha that I want. **Foam ones work well**
S--cut 8 and reposition, M-- cut 0 and reposition. you could try with your unwanted Thickers :)

btw I love thickers with FOAM ones *wink*

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE!!!!!! It is very noisy here, there would be fireworks in the night within every 5 minutes, phew~


  1. wooooohooooooo!!! woohooooooo!!! Congratulations Cheryl!! Can't wait to see what you do with their stuff!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Cheryl! How fun! And love all of your ripping too! Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. A big 'congrats' to you! Lucky girl :)

  4. Great LO, and congratulations!!!

  5. Big Congrats to ya. So happy to be on the team with you. :)

  6. CONGRATS to you too, Cheryl! You are SO sweet! I'm so happy to be on the PLS DT with you! I LOVE the white space and clustering style on your projects. Very pretty and cool!

  7. Congrats!!! Looking fwd to working with you too!

  8. Congrats to you!! You gonna love their stuff to bits!! I love ripping papers too :)