Friday, December 23, 2011

53 weeks 2012 album

recently I have a problem getting rid of scrap papers... especially those beautiful AC ones from LETTERBOX and DEAR LIZZY collections,
they sure are pretty but I just can't finish them till the last piece!
I think those papers had appeared 3 or 4 of my mini albums =___= and there are still remainders in my stash(it's getting fatter)

wanna make a 52 weeks album for next year (coming in just a week!) so these papers are better to be gone in my stash for good!
here's the pretty cover for my album, i used thick chipboard for the cover base

this border punch is really handy at times with the droplets
see that scissors trinket?? that's from Camille in France :D
really like the chain instead of rings to bind my book, but i guess i have to switch back to rings when the album gets fatter with photos :(
splatters, twine, thickers always appear
so this is the opening page, i really love the THE MAN IN THE MOON ephemera by OA's ROcket age ephemera pack, it suits the 1st page very well!!!! thanks Celeste!!! & the photo of the 1st week should be pasted there
these scrap papers seem endless, and I still have remainders in my stash!!!!!
some of the papers... this & that i've been keeping are all inserted to the album too :)

i love the MT packaging (MT washi tape), it's double sided & colorful..splendid!

if only I can remember to snap and print photos every week...

thanks for visiting!