Tuesday, December 6, 2011

finally using my favourite product -- the AT LINE!!!!


forgotten to share this a few months ago (months!)
I changed the backing of my phone from this:
to this:withAmyTangerine's Is It Any Wonder Fabric Paper, sorry if you're feeling dizzy X)

DECEMBER IS HERE! and this Christmas is kinda different, I get to attend my dad's Malay friend's wedding...wow! anyway, I see lots of stunning December Dailies by lots of people and I just can't click the escape button from the window, they are just too awesome... well for me, I did no DD cause December is not really a big thing for me. instead, I came up with a Birthday Planner100% inspired by Amy Tangerine's DIY mini book
90% Amy Tangerine products being used
(10% being Twine, Glue Arts adhesive, thread, StudioCalico exclusive stickers, Glimmer Mist + Mister Huey)

this is a great way to jot down everyone's birthday and refer to it by not missing any of them :D yes!
::inside pages::
it's a 4 page book, pretty simple

::some zoom-ins::
revealing the DazzlingDiamond Glimmer Mist

the Goodness Thickers is one good alterable Thickers I've ever used!!!!!!!!what I did was cut a plastic sheet and adhere the thickers on them, trying to get the blue which is similar to the blue in AT line, I picked both of the colours below and mix it

covering some parts of the thickers with one colour
then fill everything with another color
once finished,just use tissue to dab the excess of ink and the criss-cross resist appears again, cool!
there you have it!

spending such a long time admiring the AmyTangerine products, finally I have the guts to cut through the papers, HA!

thanks for hopping by!


  1. I love it!!!! What a great idea! And those Thickers are my absolute favourite! I use my Mister Hueys and a paintbrush to do mine.....I`ll have to try inking them like yours!

  2. What a great little mini! Love it.

  3. Super cute! Love the tip about the letters!

  4. Such a cute book, I *need* to make one!

  5. Oh so much Amy Tangerine goodness. I am still kicking myself for not buying more!

  6. love that birthday planner girl! you totally rock minis (: