Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Findings, hauls and peeks

This will be a long post with tons of haul photos about this. So, if you are not a 'photo-person', uhm... you may not like this post

Start off with great findings in my grandma's house last week,ALL so vintage, so old, so rugged, tattered... me likey. The little red book is my grandpa's old driving license book with his photo in it, Wow. If only my grandparents own a typewriter...

Here's the haul now:
After many terrible out-of-control haul experiences, I know I have to list down items that I want before freaking out in a scrapbook store and ended up forgetting things that I was supposed to geta long list of stores to visit and some items I hope still available in stores

These weren't in my list, but they must be brought homeTombow with a lowwwwww price, FINALLY FOUND SMALL TAGS!!!! *lucky me*, and mamamia delicious colors of highlighters, yes, they are highlighters from Japan, darn those Japanese came up with haul-able(a new term) things
I got them in Popular bookstore -- Causeway Point, Woodlands (Singapore). those tags are hidden only in specific popular stores.

First Singapore LSS to aim*ALARM* scrapbooking supplies are all 40% off

The little blue luggage was for free when spent over $80 :D
Been waiting for the Corner Chomper for yearrrrrrrssssssss, finally got it!
I love the FOC package 12'' by 12'', with 3 papers inside

Snatched the ONE FINAL BOTTLE of Lemonade Huey that I've been searching*bravo + fireworks*

Punches are buy one free one... whoooop, goes my hands with the Martha Stewart onesThe Hambly washi tapes are killing me, these are really expensive though, and it comes in lesser yards as compared to the japanese ones:( not worth it. The blue Mark's tapes are nice
Gotten some Hambly since there is a 40% discount, these are beeeeeeeautiful! I saw one of AmyTan's mini book with the yellow lattice and I knew I have to get them, the camera is UGGGHHHH so stunning, not to mention woodgrain, come on... it's woodgrain alright!

EchoPark's Style Essential with the Houndstooth design, bitten by the Houndstooth bug...

I've gotten the amazing.....
from American Crafts.. you really need to see them in person, they look different from digital photos..

I hope some of these could persuade you, haha... and the Remarks sticker book is a good deal!!! for only RM8 (USD$2.70) WOW! normally I get to see them with a price of RM24 or more...

This is one of the freebies, not sure how to use it, my friend YINGyING is a "blinger" (you know people who are crazy about blingy stuffs?), so I'm gonna let her add to her bling stash

I don't have any photos of the other LSS that I went to, but it is exactly in the same mall but different floor with PaperMarket, Made With Love <--- website linked
I had purchased more than 8 items so I got the 40% discount again!!!
Thickers :) Twines:) Stickers:)
I am in love with Crate now, very. The Ski Lodge paper just took my heart away...sigh...and I've gotten two of the papers,one more left in store for a lucky one :)Some twines with colours that I don't the airmail and christmas one!

I'm so thankful to Juanna :D who lent me her membership card,and so I was able to enjoy the great deals in both of the stores.. Thanks Juanna, i love you *blush*... and oh dear... she gave me this... :O

Stayed up very late on Tuesday to get 2 layouts done:)



  1. Nice! Love the highlighters and a lot of the paper. Looks like you had a fun day!

  2. You did well at Plaza Singapura! MWL are killing me with all the discount - I keep saying I won't buy anymore but I always do! Some very cute twine there.

  3. That was an insane shopping post :p LOVE the Hambly, is it paper? rub on?

  4. Oh my! You went crazy!! How I wish I can go back to SG to shop! lol.. Enjoy your haul!