Monday, November 7, 2011

gifts and LOs :)

Like what I mentioned before, someone who is very sweet shared her stuffs and I received them last week! :D and I did not expect "it" to be these...
Not very sure to mention who she is since I haven't ask her permission of mentioning her name.
TAGS baby!!! and those stuffs that I don't have... woohoo!! love those! I couldn't wait to use them!!!! twiness..... i need lots of those.. gotta find a way of getting twines with a variety of colours... mmm... gonna search the web
twines @o@ chipboard (I'm loving the potraits and birds!!!!!)stickers from SC's past exclusive kit...

buttons!! I missed them from the SC Grab Bags. and 7 Gypsies washi tape,a nice roll :D

i used add on pattern papers from SC's Fieldguide kit, three stickers from Happy Days, AmyTangerine and Random line, and others with the stuffs shown above :D.I'm glad that I did not use any references or skecthes for all of my layouts, I wanted to make up my own.. This was easy to make, but I still have not master the art of taking photos of layouts... AND I NEED A NEW CAMERA!

I used the SC's Glee Club kit for this layout, the "Happy Birthday" sentiment was from an ad paper that comes along with the kit. I waste nothing :) I love GLEE CLUB

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